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Covid-19 pandemic: why does it matter for consumer research?

13º Congresso Latino-Americano de Varejo e Consumo: “After COVID-19: Building Purpose through Stakeholders in Retailing”, realizado nos dias 29 e 30 de outubro de 2020.

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Resumo: The COVID-19 pandemic changed the world the way we know it and has its impacts can be extended to the consumer domain. Therefore, this paper aims to systematically review the literature available concerning the COVID-19 pandemic in the consumer domain. We conducted a systematic literature review with 21 papers from the Scopus database that discussed the impacts of this crisis on consumer behavior. We answered the following questions: What topics are being explored by the literature? What issues did COVID-19 bring to consumers' lives? How will the COVID-19 affect consumer behavior? How to respond to the consequences that this pandemic is bringing? What are the future topics that need an investigation from the literature?. The results show how consumers are reacting to the crisis by adopting panic behavior and stocking basic products. To reduce physical distancing and psychological stress, consumers are using more technology and do-it-yourself activities. Companies are addressing those issues by limiting consumption and communicating to the customers the actions that they are taking, which for the customers are fundamental. The changes provoked some challenges in retail and there is a need to increase the use of agile methods to reduce time and add more value to those customers at this time. Finally, we present implications of those results both in the research and managerial perspective and some topics that need to be further addressed in the future.

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