Awarded Articles - CLAV 2021

IN THE RIGHT PLACE AT THE RIGHT TIME: Opportunities for mobile location-based marketing research

13º Congresso Latino-Americano de Varejo e Consumo:“After COVID-19: Building Purpose through Stakeholders in Retailing”, realizado nos dias 29 e 30 de outubro de 2020.

"Artigo Premiado"
(Artigo com melhor implicação para o varejo)


Resumo: The retail context faces an increasingly pervasive presence of mobile. Yet, most purchases are still concluded in brick-and-mortar stores. Many issues regarding connecting digital with physical arise from such duality, with customer proximity to physical locations as an important aspect of the mobile marketing strategic context. To this point, little is known about the effects of mobile location-based marketing on visits to offline retail stores. The purpose of the current research is to examine the potential effects of the mobile message content and the geolocation data as drivers of store visits, connecting online efforts to offline behavior. This article provides a literature review of what is known about mobile marketing, location-based communication, and push-notification effect on customers’ attitudes and behavior. Based on numerous findings from marketing and customer research, we identify a set of general propositions. We synthesize arguments for location-based push notifications related to visits to the offline site, and coupons offer, personalized and high-engagement content. By identifying strategies that marketers may employ to more effective geolocation promotions, the research identifies gaps in our current knowledge and thereby outlines opportunities for future research.



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