Undergraduated Papers


To submit a paper for evaluation, follow the steps below:

1) Submission
Choose the modality: "Undergraduated Papers";
Choose the Thematic Area (Academic Track) related to your work;
Enter the title of the paper.

2) Transfer of Manuscripts
You must attach two files: identified work and unidentified work.

Unidentified submission: It must not contain your name, or affiliations. This file will be sent to the evaluators. Author should also make sure that submission files do not contain identifying information when saved as Word 2003, Word 2007 or a Rich Text Format file. Articles with identified authorship information will not be considered for review.

Identified submission: Complete work or abstract including your name, and affiliations. If your paper is approved, this file will be used in the conference proceeding.

The first page is a cover page containing:
˗   Title of the proposal
˗   Authorship information
˗   Email and phone numbers
˗   Institutional Affiliation
˗   Supervisor information

3) Inclusion of Metadata
Name and e-mail of the author
Abstract of the work: less than 260 words.

(Access from 05/11/23)

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