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24 Oct

"Building the Future of Retail Consumption"

16th Latin American Retail and Consumption Conference

08h:00 até 16h:00
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The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and data is revolutionizing the retail sector, every day new solutions are presented with the aim of improving efficiency, personalization and decision making. These models have demonstrated the ability to provide innovation in the sector, whether using advanced language models, such as LLMs, to help consumers choose a product or using a Natural Language Processing (NLP) model to talk to the consumer. customer, we are certain that consumption and purchasing behavior has been and will continue to be changed by these technologies.

This evolution of the relationship between data and Artificial Intelligence allows companies to capture and analyze information, dynamically adapting and personalizing their strategies, resulting in a more comprehensive and agile understanding of consumer engagement. With this, retailers optimize experiences across all sales and communication channels, their in-store operations, product positioning and marketing strategies, as well as any necessary future changes to the business model. Among emerging business model changes, data monetization as a revenue source highlights the importance of careful and ethical management of customer data, balancing personalization with privacy.

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