Teaching Cases


The author must attach two files: identified submission and unidentified submission.

Unidentified submission: It must not contain your name, or that of other authors, or affiliations. This file will be sent to the evaluators. Authors should also make sure that submission files do not contain identifying information when saved as Word 2003, Word 2007 or a Rich Text Format file. Articles with identified authorship information will not be considered for review.

Identified submission: Complete work or abstract including your name, other authors' names and affiliations. If your paper is approved, this file will be used in the conference proceeding.


This part must contain a minimum of three (3) and a maximum of twenty (20) pages, including any tables and / or figures and support. It should contain a display with clear and fluent text that describes a decision-making context and a real decision problem.

The case must be documented with data and actual dates.

Suggested structure for the body of the text:

  • initial description of the context and problem (presentation of the characters involved, decision-making context etc);]
  • Background of the case of the subject company (history, activity sector, main products / markets, financial indicators etc.);
  • Detailed description of the context and the problem. This part should be flagged potential decision alternatives, without the need to exhaust alternatives, which may be generated by the students in the discussion of activity of the case.
  • if the Closing, encouraging the reader to think about the future of the company considering the described and the scenarios derived from the decision situation at hand. It is important to spell out the end of the text a number of issues for discussion. Such questions serve as a guide for students to better structure the problem and help the teacher in the implementation of teaching case in the classroom.

All cases of education should be accompanied by the respective teaching notes, which meet the following requirements:

  • teaching notes should contain theoretical exposition of the matter relating to the educational case, the understanding of theoretical exposure to exploration of the conceptual framework necessary for the operation or discussion of the case. Naturally, the volume of treated theoretical concepts in exposure will vary according to the teaching case and its scope area.
  • the teaching notes will also address educational aspects of the implementation of the teaching case in the classroom. The pedagogical aspects may contain discussion of dynamic suggestions of teaching case; the relationship between the suggested dynamics and objectives of the case; behavior expected from students from the discussion; suggestions for using the board space by the teacher; etc. In short, the teaching notes should contain case of using suggestions in the classroom and collaborate to achieve educational results.
  • Analysis of possible alternative decisions / solutions organizational situation focused on the text of the case, in order to support the work of teachers who apply the case and collaborate with getting relevant results in the use of teaching case as a teaching tool.
  • Registration of relevant references to the concepts covered in the theoretical exposition.


Both parties that make up the case - the body text and teaching notes - should be in the same file.

- Paper: A4 (29.7 x 21 cm).
˗ Paper orientation: Portrait
- Margins: top 3 cm, 2 cm bottom, right 2cm, 3cm left.
- Text Editor: Word Office 2003 or later.
- Source: Times New Roman, size 12, with normal spacing
- Spacing: Simple
- Alignment: Justified.
- Paragraphs: First paragraph of each section recoilless, the other decreases of 1.25 cm.
- Length: Maximum of 10,000 words, including any tables and / or figures, attachments / appendices and teaching notes.
- Tables and Figures: They should be numbered sequentially and placed at the end of the document.
- Footnotes or end of text: avoid using both.
- Title: Upper case + bold. Maximum of 80 characters with spaces.
- Abstract: Maximum 250 words.
- Keywords: Maximum of 03 words.
˗ Quotes and references: according to APA (American Psychological Association) or ABNT (Brazilian Association of Technical Standards and).
Important informations:
- Official languages for manuscripts and presentations during the conference are Portuguese, English or Spanish
- The number of authors in each paper / extended abstract should not exceed five (5)
- Each author / co-author may submit a maximum of three papers / extended abstracts
- Authorship: papers with identified authorship will not be considered for review, so please fill the information about authorship only in the appropriate fields in the submission system.
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